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How do you paint your motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmet is an important accessory for bikers, not just a protective piece, but also an attractive object, style and look. More bikers are now able to personalize their helmets with paint and other embellishments, regardless of whether they’re professional riders or individuals. What is the legality of this? What can you do? Paint your motorcycle helmet ? What is the cost of this service? Find out the answer below.

How do you customize your helmet using paint?

This is something you should be aware of, a motorcycle helmet is mandatory for safety precaution ! You have the option of personalizing your helmet with paint, stickers, or both. Of course you can Turn to an actual professional, but you can also customize your helmet to perfection if you adhere to all the guidelines. No matter what helmet you choose, full-face Modular or fixed helmet.

Vinyl can be used to decorate or paint your motorcycle helmet

If you decide to use Vinyl to paint your helmet.  This is an excellent idea. You will save money and it’s a great idea!

  • Photo stickers;
  • logos ;
  • images;
  • Symbols and letters.

You are required to contact the manufacturer or dealer to confirm that your warranty is valid.


Green painted helmet

Painted helmet



You will need the following materials to paint your motorcycle helmet

It is time to get started with your job. To paint a helmet for a motorcycle You will need to have the correct paint :

  • brushes;
  • A printed pattern
  • Adhesive tape
  • tracing paper;
  • felt-tip pens;
  • an air compressor;
  • an electric sander;
  • Spray gun to paint.

If you don’t like design you can always try another approach. Choose a design that is easy to find online. Once you have settled on the design that best suits you, you can print it. Then you will need either a transparent or tracing sheet. Stick the image on your helmet for a motorcycle rider . Feel free to use felt pens to highlight the helmet’s chosen pattern. Disassembly and removal of the helmet for your motorcycle. A professional can also:

  • perform a sanding ;
  • Paint and lacquer
  • The varnish.

The motorcycle helmet painted in blue should dry for at least a couple of days. The motorcycle helmet should be assembled again. Be careful! It’s easy to cancel your helmet warranty after you repaint it.

What paint should you use to paint your helmet

Always choose carefully Acrylic paint that is water-based This type of paint is generally composed of polyurethane screws. It is extremely resistant to the damage that is caused by friction and impact of gravel as well as to the UV rays. You can also orient yourself. High quality paints So that they don’t damage the shell (or the outer layer of the helmet), Motorcycle helmet paint must Meet the manufacturer’s Safety standards . Price depends on what you pay Rates offered by different airbrush specialists.

Prices range between 200 EUR and 1100 EUR. Prices can range from 200 EUR to 1 100 EUR depending on how complicated the design is. The cost of the materials and colors will also impact the final price. However, if the project is simple enough, you may be able to get a better deal. Paint your helmet for your motorcycle It is only natural to expect a lower budget. The paint, varnish, and accessories required to paint the helmet will cost you around 200 EUR.

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