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What are the steps to buying a motorcycle helmet that is approved?

Many people don’t know the  Difference between certified and regular helmets.  You should know that certified helmets that have passed the toughest impact tests. This equipment can protect your brain in case of an accident, and prevent any brain damage. You can reduce your risk of becoming paralyzed by wearing a helmet that meets all safety standards. We recommend that you have a helmet with all safety standards.

How do you choose a motorcycle helmet that is approved?

Many people don’t know how to solve this problem. While some helmets offer excellent protection, others have less. A motorcycle helmet costing 13 euro is not likely to offer the same protection as a 200-euro one in terms of efficiency. There are many factors that can make the helmet more efficient :

  • female certified helmet models;
  • Helmets for males approved
  • Expensive certified helmets;
  • inexpensive certified helmet models.

You can choose from many sizes, and many colors. It’s nearly impossible to not love them all.


Man wearing an approved motorcycle helmet


Locate a motorcycle helmet that is approved

Many Motorcycle helmets are available for sale, but it can be difficult to pick the right color or brightness, so we suggest that you list your preferences and budget. After making your list you can ask friends and family for recommendations.

To find the perfect store, you can either visit a local store or search online to locate a certified helmet store in your region. You can also compare prices by using online shops, national or international. You can search by typing in your browser to see many options. You can then search for gender or preference. You can also click on the item to find out more about it. It is also helpful to click on the item to find more information. You decide who you trust. You should trust this, particularly as you may be required to provide your bank information.

Modular or full-face motorcycle helmets?

It’s evident that you must wear a motorcycle helmet. However, it may be worth considering whether you can use it for other purposes. Flip-up or full-face hel met. Both are made from the same material but the designs differ. There are many modular helmets. Full face helmet It is one-piece. The full-face helmet also covers the lower jaw and chin. A full-face helmet offers better protection. This is the most important criterion. Comfort is the key criterion full-face helmets They are less ventilated and heavier than modular helmets. The former will allow you to vent more easily. You can find more full-face helmets. Some have the padding removed. However, the modular helmet provides the most comfort. Both helmets have the option to be fitted with a helmet that allows you to wear a hat.  Also, you can add Go Pro attachments, to film all your motorbike moments !

Top 4 best motorcycle helmet brands

Many brands make motorcycle helmets. These are the best six :


Shark is an a French brand Motorcycle helmet created in 1986 and is well-known all around the globe. Many competition pilots use their helmets. They are well-known for their ease, reliability and safety. . These are three factors that you should consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet. Shark helmets are available in the following types:

  • Modular ;
  • jet ;
  • full face.

The Shark Evo One Astor Mat and Spartan 2.-Priona Mat are some of the most well-known Shark models.


Direction Asia, the not so famous Korean brand HJC. HJC has managed to capture the American market which is known for being difficult and also has managed to position itself. HJC produces full-face and cross-frame models. It also has its own research center for the latest technical innovation, including Technology for PIM The helmet is made from a combination of materials that absorb shock, make it lighter and have greater strength. HJC is a partner with Disney to create designer helmets. From the Marvel and Star Wars universes Included the HJC-15 Star Wars Storm Trooper and RPHA Jet Metal, as well as Rpha 70 semimat.


Scorpion, like its predecessor brand is Korean. Scorpion’s first helmets were created in 2007, seven years after HJC was founded. Scorpion’s most popular model is the Exo 1000 Air. This helmet offers multiple options and quality. Scorpion can also be an Exclusive Airlift(r), technology The helmet’s design is based on an inflation system that places air cushions in the cheeks. It was adapted to fit the facial features of the biker. Scorpion Exo920 Satellite, Exo Covert X Solid Matt and Exi-1200 Air Hornet are the best Scorpion helmets at the moment.


Shoei, an old Japanese helmet manufacturer, has existed since the 1950s. Primarily targeted at Competitor riders Through its alliance with Honda, the company was able to enter America’s market. These helmets can be made at-house, and are automated. It also invented the first helmet. fiber/kevlar blend Shell on the GFV model from 1986. Shoei’s top-selling helmets are the Shoei Neotec II Mat and NXR Uni models.

Which brand of motorcycle helmet do I need?

Because the chin of a jet helmet is visible, it does not provide 100% safety. You should not save money on your helmet purchase. It is crucial for your safety. High quality helmets by major brands They are most costly, however they offer the best protection and quality. A motorcycle does not have a bodywork. This puts it in direct contact the roads. If you are struck on the head, this can cause permanent damage. You should invest in a helmet. Comfort and quality are combined in this product . Other quality brands such as Nolan and Schuberth offer excellent protection while still meeting your requirements.

How to find a quality brand of motorcycle helmets?

You will generally be able. Find good helmets from top brands In motorcycle shops and other specialty stores such as:

  • Dafy Moto
  • Moto blouz
  • Icasque ;
  • Helmet central
  • Motorcycle helmet ;
  • Speedway;
  • Kaskrider.

It can be as low or high as you want. Up to 700 Euros or More . Avoid low-end brands that do not provide the necessary safety protection. You can ask the seller for advice.

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