Car auctions: it’s a trend !

Car auctions: it’s a trend !

Do you want to sell your car and are not yet sure how to go about it? Have you thought about going to an auction? It’s the latest trend, and it has many advantages.

What is an auction ?

In an auction, an object or property is offered for sale at a fixed price, and potential buyers bid on that price according to specific rules. The person who places the highest bid wins the lot concerned by the auction. Depending on the case, this may be an object, a property or a vehicle.

How does an auction work ?

There are several versions of auctions, either in person or online, with or without a reserve price (the price below which the lot concerned is not sold). Auctions can be public, or private and therefore reserved for certain people only. However, the principle remains the same: the object of the auction will be given to the highest bidder.

Car auctions: a growing trend

A few years ago, to sell a car, you had to go through the traditional channels: from private individual to private individual or via a dealer or an independent garage. But a new method has become very trendy nowadays: auctioning. This type of sale has many advantages, both for the owner of the car in question and for the future buyer.

The advantages of car auctions

Compared to selling cars from one person to another (which is quite risky) and going through a dealer who will necessarily take a commission in the process, selling cars at auction has many advantages, including but not limited to the following.

Car auctions: guided photos

To participate in a car auction, you will need photos of the vehicle offered for sale. Fortunately, you will be given a lot of advice on how to present your car in the best possible light: lighting, angle of view, number of photos, strong points to highlight… You will know exactly what to do to get the best price for your vehicle.

Car auction: professionally written ad

By going through an online car auction, your ad will be written by a professional. Based on the information you provide, he or she will write a concise, catchy text, without spelling or syntax errors, that will attract a maximum number of potential buyers.

It is not necessarily easy to write a quality advert when you are not used to it, as a private sale requires. It is therefore a huge advantage not to have to do this. This is one of the features offered by the excellent car auction site Le

Car auctions: checked and verified buyer profiles

If you put your car up for sale by yourself, it is likely that several buyers will come forward. Which one should you choose in this case? With the same financial offer, some potential buyers may be more or less reliable.

site car auction

It’s not easy to sort out… In a car auction, on the other hand, the profile of all buyers is checked and duly verified before any bidding: this is very reassuring for the seller!

Car auctions: deadline

When you choose to sell your car, it can take a long time, from a few weeks to several months, to find the right buyer and to settle all the formalities. In the case of an auction, there is a deadline, usually ten days, at the end of which the sale is concluded.

This saves a lot of time, especially if you urgently need the money from the sale.

Car auctions: fair and reasonable prices

With an online auction, you can choose a reserve price below which your car will not be sold. You will be guided by experts in setting the price of your car, so that it best reflects the real value of your car, while remaining reasonable for the future buyer.

Car auctions: your car stays with you

Unlike a sale at a dealer’s or a traditional auction, if you opt for an online auction, your car stays at home. No unnecessary kilometres, and you can continue to use it on a daily basis if necessary. That’s a definite advantage!

Car auctions: questions and answers

Do you have questions about this special type of sale? Are you not sure whether this is the right way to sell your vehicle? Answers to all the questions you might have (and even to those you haven’t yet asked yourself!) can be found on dedicated online forums, run by enthusiasts who are experts in the field of cars and the particular case of online auctions.

Car auctions: premium

Of course, this type of sale (like almost all others) involves the payment of a premium. Fortunately, in the case of online auctions, this sum is paid by the buyer. A significant saving!

In conclusion, selling your vehicle via an online auction site has many advantages that are not offered by the so-called “classic” sales channels.

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