Two mecanicians doing a technical control over a car
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What is the best place to perform technical control in Nice?

Technical control is mandatory for vehicles that are allowed to travel on roads open to traffic. This helps detect potential dangers to road users or the environment. The test can be done in approved control rooms.

How can I have my car checked in Nice?

Every person, whether private or corporate, is obliged to conduct a technical inspection on their vehicle. Only a French technical control center can perform the technical inspection. Repair costs can differ depending on whether the vehicle is heavy or light, and also according to where they are located. Before you make an appointment to have your car checked out, it is a good idea to do some research on the various centers available and choose what suits you best. The motorist must present the inspectors with the registration certificate (also known as “carte grise”) at each check-up.

On the registration card, the inspector will note the date of the vehicle’s introduction to the roads and the points that were awarded. The inspector will attach a sticker to the vehicle’s windshield if there are no problems. The sticker indicates the year and month of the inspection. The sticker also includes a stamp to the registration card that indicates the vehicle’s condition (favorable/unfavorable for a second inspection). A sticker is simply a way to confirm that the car has been maintained in a good condition. However, minor repairs won’t cause any serious problems for passengers. You could be fined 135 Euros if you refuse to perform a roadworthiness inspection. Road safety is very important and so your car’s maintenance too !


Two mecanicians doing a technical control over a car

Technical control in Nice city


Its function

Many points are guaranteed by the regular technical inspection .

  • Protection of the environment against pollution. During the inspection, vehicle polluting emissions will be checked. Human health is protected and the environment saved.
  • The technical control inspects the car for problems, such as the condition of tires and the engine. This helps protect against traffic accidents that are caused by bad braking.
  • To prevent vehicles from going to scrapyards, it is important to keep them on the roads in good shape.
  • You must purchase a vehicle in good working order. A car not regularly inspected cannot be sold. The vehicle must be less than six months old to qualify for a technical inspection.


You are taking a huge risk by not doing it.

Roadworthiness testing was made compulsory in France by the government in 1992. They have an important impact on road safety. A technical inspection is performed when everything is legal. The French government issued new rules in May 2018 for organizing and implementing the technical inspections of automobiles. This increased the number of checkpoints to 132 from 124. A report detailing the condition of any faults found on the vehicle is prepared during the technical inspection. The owner receives a copy.

This report will indicate whether or not the vehicle is in good condition. Negative failures can be deemed major or critical. Every vehicle that is put on the roads must receive a positive opinion. Failures that are critical can result in a second inspection to repair the vehicle. The owner could be penalized up to 750 Euros if the inspection is not completed on time. In addition, immobilization can occur. It is vital to have your vehicle inspected regularly. If the vehicle has been in use for more than four years, it is mandatory to have it inspected. Every vehicle, regardless of its weight, should be inspected at inspection stations approved by the state every 2 years.

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