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The top 3 most connected helmets for motorcycle riders

The law requires motorcycle riders (or bikers), to wear helmets. Today, connected helmets are being called smart helmets. What is the difference between an old motorcycle helmet and a smart helmet ? A connected motorcycle helmet ? Are there any benefits to a motorcycle helmet that is connected?

Connected motorcycle helmets have many advantages

If Helmets for motorcycles with connected connections They have achieved impressive sales results in a very short time. This is due to the fact that they provide Many benefits. Learn more about the many benefits of motorcycle helmets that are connected.


Eyes of a young woman through an helmet

Fshionable connected helmet


Helmets equipped with a camera

A Camera is attached to the helmet to take images which are sent to the helmet viewers. It allows the motorcyclists to Have a clearer vision,  to facilitate his driving. You can record videos or take photos with the camera, so you have great opportunities to capture amazing shots as you drive.

Bluetooth-enabled helmets

The following are connected to your device by Bluetooth, it can be a smartphone, can be connected to your phone. This makes it easier to make and receive calls and keeps you safer. You can also access your favourite music through these connected headsets in an easy and intuitive way.

Access GPS easily

Your headset can be connected to your phone, which allows it to allow you To Access GPS This gives you an even better view of your route. Perhaps the most important feature of these headsets is this: The viewer transforms into a dashboard that displays a map showing you where you are located.

There are areas for improvement in the area of motorcycle helmets that connect.

These helmets are often criticised for their many advantages, but they have several disadvantages. They are often criticized for their inability to provide protection. Distracting the biker is dangerous and could lead to several accidents. Many features are provided by The connected helmet They can be distracting for bikers if used in a wrong way, so it is important to take care. Prices for motorcycle helmets that are connected are often criticized. They can cost as high as EUR2000 and are much less expensive than classic helmets.

These are the best motorcycle helmets

There are many options today. Many models of motorcycle helmets that can be connected.

The Skully Fenix AR

Skully Brand is a premium product that will be a huge hit in 2021. Although it is criticised for being expensive, the Skully helmet remains among the most popular on the market. The helmet comes with An LED light .

Jarvish X-AR, X

It is the Wild Card of Jarvish is a brand. This helmet is solid and has many features. It also comes at a respectable price/quality. This helmet’s strength is its modern design This has attracted many bikers.

Forcite MK1 Smart Helmet

Although it isn’t widely available in France and Europe, it is still one of the most popular. Its advantage is that it has a high level of safety. affordable price. The MK1 is the perfect choice for middle-class people. These helmets can be connected to your selection.

  • Livemap;
  • Revan;
  • EyeRide HUD
  • Skully Fenix AR headset
  • Jarvish X-AR;
  • Sena Momentum.

What are the best ways to select a motorcycle helmet that is connected?

We are here to assist you Choose your connected Helmet for motorcycles, there are many factors that you should consider.

  • Color and design
  • The manufacturer of the helmet connected;
  • The features offered by the connected helmet

Your choice can also be influenced by other factors, like The price for the helmet This is an important factor to consider. Because the price of motorcycle helmets connected can differ greatly, you need to make sure that your helmet is chosen according to your needs. The budget You have put your heart and soul into it. If your budget permits it, you can also do what you want. Accessories for motorcycles You can also acquire other people to help you complete your purchases.

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