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Safety standards and legislation for motorcycle helmets

Find out all you need to know about safety helmets, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. This article contains information about safety helmet ratings and penalties, as well as the punishment for riding without a helmet.

Do you have to use a helmet while riding your motorcycle?

It is a legal requirement to wear a safety helmet when riding a scooter or motorcycle. This exclusion does not apply to quad bikes or tricycles, which are subject to helmet requirements. While you don’t have to use a helmet regarding the law, many government guidelines recommend that you do so. The BSI Kitemark must be on your helmet. If it meets the following standards, your helmet is legal :

  • EEC regulation 22.05, also known as ECE 22,.05;
  • The BS 6658 :1985 directive.

Directive BS 6658.1985 defines criteria that should be followed for helmet use by cyclists, motorists and passengers in motor vehicle vehicles. ECE 22.05 outlines the guidelines people who ride on scooters or motorcycles without sidecars.

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Helmet legislation


Safety rating for motorcycle helmets

Legal helmets may not meet all the requirements but they provide a different level of protection. This is where the helmets come in. Motorbike Safety Helmet The Rating and Evaluation Program is here. The Rating and Evaluation Program was created to assist motorcyclists in making informed purchasing decisions and providing guidance about how to select a helmet that is comfortable and fits correctly. This program displays approved helmets as well as the protection provided by them using a 1-5 star safety rating system. A rating of one star means that the helmet meets minimal safety standards but is not rated as high, while five stars indicates better protection. Calculate the helmet safety ratings Each motorcycle helmet is tested for 32 speed impacts.


Is there a penalty for riding without a helmet on motocross?

If motorcycle riders are caught without wearing a motorcycle helmet, he could be issued a warning letter or even a penalty of up to EUR700. You can also be fined up to EUR700. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to ride a motorcycle without an helmet. Helmets reduce the chance of brain and head injuries. They minimize the force of impact on the head from a collision or force. A helmet is better than no helmet if you’re in an accident. Head injuries from motorcycle crashes are the leading cause of disability and death according to the World Health Organization. Motorcyclists should wear helmets to protect their heads.


Different types of motorcycle helmets

You can choose from many types of helmets for motorcycles . You want one that is safe, comfortable, and properly fits. The following are some of the top motorcycle helmet manufacturers:

  • AGV,
  • Arai,
  • Bell,
  • HJC,
  • Shark,
  • Shoei.


Is it legal to use half-helmets?

Half helmets may offer lower protection than full-face helmets. Helmet for motorcycle It all depends on the safety standard of the helmet. Safety Helmet Evaluation and Classification does not test flip-up helmets. For the most protection, you need a system or full-face helmet.


Are open face motorcycle helmets legal ?

Although open face helmets provide a greater level of protection than half-helmets, the truth is that they offer the same protection. To be legal, any open-face helmet must comply with safety standards. The Helmet Safety Rating & Classification Program only checks full-face helmets. Helmets for motorcycles Flip-up and regular motorcycle helmets.

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