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Is ECE 22.06 the latest standard for motorcycle helmets

We will be discussing today the issue of the standard 22.06, which is concerning Helmets for motorcycles ! It is important to note that owners of 22.05 helmets will still be able ride their motorcycles as normal. What’s the ECE-22-06 standard? What is it made of? Are motorcycle helmets that meet the standard of 22.05 banned?

Is the ECE 22-06 standard for motorcycle helmets now in effect?

The ECE 22-06 standard has been in effect since July 1, 2022. However, that does not mean the ECE 22.05 standard, which was established back in 2017, will be discontinued. It will continue to be available until 2023. Motorcycle helmets manufactured under the ECE 22.05 standard are no longer allowed. Motorcycle helmets with the ECE 22.06 standard will now be safer. The helmets of the latest generation will be subject to rigorous testing in terms of impact resistance, among other things. Not only must manufacturers adhere to the ECE 22.05 standards, but so should drivers.

  • Motorcycle helmets must be marked with E in Europe on a label.
  • A number specific to the homologation country must be shown
  • The motorcycle helmet should also include 4 reflective stripes on the front, rear, and left sides. Also, the chinstrap needs to be securely fastened.

The principles of motorcycle helmets are identical to the ECE 22-06 standard. However, there is a novelty in the July 1 standard that includes the certification by Eric Thiollier he is president of French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists

  • Three tests with impact testing at different speeds, 18 points impact, and not 6.
  • More thorough testing of the visor
  • Installation of a sensor for testing its resistance against abrasion.

This new standard will allow the industry to produce helmets of higher quality and safety, carbon helmets for example are offer a very high prootection.


Motorcycle helmet

ECE standard for your helmet



The new standard will have an impact on motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists all know this. A helmet should be replaced every five years. Or just after an incident! For those with helmets meeting the ECE22.05 standard, you don’t need to be concerned. They will continue being manufactured up until July 1, 2023. Helmets that meet the ECE22.05 standard can still be sold until 2024. However, ECE22.05 helmets are no longer available for sale.

As you know, they will cease to be manufactured in 2023. However, the cost side will be slightly higher. This is understandable considering their increased safety. For those curious about the alternative, if the ECE 22.05 standard is met, there will be no price change.Helmet and gloves on a motorcycle

What are the signs that your helmet needs to be changed?

A motorcycle helmet needs to be replaced every three years or every five years as mentioned previously. It is better to Examine your helmet for motorcycle riding because it is important to ensure that it is in good condition. It is crucial to inspect the following signs, which indicate that you should replace your motorcycle helmet with one of the newer models.

  • The cheek foam must be stiff, as it will support your head.
  • This allows you to determine the year of its manufacture.

The helmet must be replaced after an accident. Also, you need to  a well-maintain  your helmet. This way, it is likely that it will last for longer. In terms of wear and tear, frequency of motorcycle helmet use is a key factor. You now know all about ECE 22.06 and can only discover new helmets.

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