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Tips to choose a luxury chauffeur-driven car

You are interested in renting a luxurious chauffeured vehicle but you don’t know what you should consider when selecting a dealer ? In simple terms, your golden rule of thumb is excellent customer service for an outstanding customer base. Let’s go into greater specifics.

These chauffeurs speak two languages

For an excursion for business or pleasure in the French Riviera, the clientele who requires a chauffeur-driven vehicle is often international. Therefore, chauffeurs must communicate in English and, if they can in other languages (Arabic, Russian, Italian or Chinese) to effectively communicate with their customers. Yassir, from, for example, lived in London and Manchester for two years to perfect his English, and then, came back to France completely bilingual.


Chauffeur-driven car

Chauffeur-driven car



The chauffeurs are tour guides

“Grande Remise” chauffeurs need to know perfectly their area, to be able to inform their clients who are demanding them the best locations to go to as well as the top restaurants and hotels, where to shop, and even stylish places to party at night. The chauffeurs are familiar with the French Riviera and can guide their clients to Saint-Tropez, Monaco, or Cannes. So if you want to rent a car with a driver to spend your dream holidays in the Côte-d’Azur, rent a “Grande remise” chauffeur !

These chauffeurs are accessible

A customer needs the service at any time day or night. This is why the chauffeur service at Grande Remise should be available around all hours (24/7) and be able to respond to any request of a customer as fast as they can. Furthermore, the chauffeurs are professionally friendly, courteous and available.

They enjoy an excellent vehicle

One can judge the calibre of a luxurious chauffeured car rental service through the quality of the vehicles offered., for example, has numerous models of Mercedes: E Class, V Class, S Class 350 L, S500, S600, etc. They also have some of the most impressive vehicles within their fleet, including Bentley, Rolls Royce, and limousines that provide total luxury and comfort to their highly-demanding customers.

You’re now ready to select your luxurious chauffeur-driven vehicle hiring services which mean picking the most reliable supplier.


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