Visit the French Riviera in a luxury car

Visit the French Riviera in a luxury car

The French Riviera offers a lot in regards to food, colour, scenery and culture: from the sunny regions of Nice to the dazzling yachts and villas in Cannes. Also, the art and culture of Antibes, the lavishness of Monte Carlo, the isolated villages in the French Alps and the stunning drives along the coast make this region a must visit. To enjoy these exquisite places you must visit the French Riviera in a luxury car, this enables you to tailor the trip according to your needs.

For example, whether your interests lie in wine tasting activities, culture, the beach, dinner or shopping sprees, you design your trip to fit around your schedule.

Visit Monaco in a Luxury Chauffeured Vehicle

Monaco is referred to as “the rock” because of its strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea. The Principality of Monaco has thousands of tourists every year who are keen to discover the famous casinos and the prince palace. Other tourists flood this tiny state because of motorsports events and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Taking a chauffeured drive in Monaco guarantees that you get the services of a private guide and a tourist route in this breathtaking state. A luxury chauffeured vehicle enables you to enjoy the ride at your pace and requirements: it also ensures that you reach the best Mediterranean cuisine restaurants that overlook the casinos and the sea.

Going to the Cannes Festival in a Luxury Car

The region of Cannes is famed for its luxury, finest restaurants, hotels and shops. The Cannes film festival is an international event attended by the best actors and directors together with some of the most influential people in the world. All these individuals attend the festival in high-end vehicles: therefore, it makes sense to attend the festival in a luxury car. You easily blend in with the rest when you visit the Cannes Festival in a luxury car.

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  1. For my birthday I got a special present, I will get driven to the Cannes festival by a driver with my dear husband, I also got a beautiful dress for the occasion !