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What luxury yacht tableware?

The decoration of a yacht must be undertaken with care. Whether in the cabin or outside, the decorative elements chosen must be in harmony to preserve the luxurious environment of the vessel. Decorative elements include furniture, bed linen, curtains and tableware. For absolute luxury, the latter should be made of porcelain. Let us show you a set of luxury porcelain yacht tableware made by the hands of masters in the art of table setting.

Alberto Pinto’s yacht tableware

Albert Pinto’s tableware is designed for luxury yachts. Known for his interior design prowess in the homes of kings, this architect has created a particularly luxurious dinner service called the Parrots Yellow Brazil. This dinner service is entirely handmade. It consists of:

  • 8 presentation plates with a diameter of 11.6 inches;
  • A dinner plate with a diameter of 10,2 inch;
  • A dessert plate with a diameter of 10.2 inches;
  • One soup plate;
  • A bread plate;
  • A pocket tray.

Made entirely of Limoge porcelain, each plate is beautifully decorated with pastel colours and gold accents to bring your yacht dining experience to life. To sign his work, Alberto Pinto hand-paints different parrots in the centre of each piece. It is this artistic touch that defines the entire luxury world of this tableware. You can buy some of Alberto Pinto’s tableware on the website of Sabrina Monte Carlo, a company specialising in luxury decoration.

Bernardaud’s yacht tableware

A lunch on a yacht

A lunch on a yacht

If you are looking for modern and decorative tableware, choose the Ecume Or by Bernardaud. This porcelain collection is particularly interesting because of its subtle and delicate workmanship. You will be dazzled by the precision of the details on each piece, as well as the perfection of its enamelling. This luxury collection is composed of 6 pieces, namely: a jug, a cup and saucer, a bread plate, a butter plate and two large plates.

The plates in the collection can be used as dishes for serving meals or as table toppers on which you place your dinner plate or dessert glasses.

Moreover, you can keep them on your yacht table as an ornamental object outside of meal times. As far as the jug is concerned, its capacity is 1 L. That said, in addition to its aesthetic appearance, this piece is isothermal. It is therefore ideal for a short tea break on the bench of your yacht. In terms of maintenance, be careful when washing the Ecume Or parts, as this should be done by hand.

Graphic tableware to add character to your yacht table

During your events on a yacht, decorate your table with the Hollywood tableware from Martyn Lawrence. Made of porcelain, the Hollywood tableware from Haviland is distinguished by its refined graphic appearance that is both original and very luxurious.

This service is made by one of the greatest masters in the art of table setting, David Haviland. He has translated his passion for white gold into the design of each piece in this collection. This is why his designs feature grey and silver shapes.

The service consists of 31 different pieces to properly decorate the yacht table. The designs of each piece are different, but by grouping them together you can give your table an artistic touch that will complement the luxurious environment of your yacht.

The service includes 8 plates, two of which are hollow. Their diameter varies between 31.5 cm and 24 cm. Dishes of 31.5 cm and 40 cm are also available in the collection. Not forgetting a 30cl mug, a tea cup and a coffee cup with saucer.

French scalloped porcelain tableware from the XVIIIᵉ century

If your dining table is in the outer part of your yacht, garnish it instead with luxurious tableware that goes with the blue of the sea. In this case, choose the porcelain collection from Aura. The charm of this French tableware lies in its noble design.

The elegance of this collection is expressed through its scalloped pastille with blue lines printed on a shaded sky-blue background. The blue of this collection is very soft, its nuances form a perfect alliance between modernity and luxury. All the edges of each piece are marked with a beautiful golden line.

The Aura service by Raynaud is made entirely of Limoges porcelain and is divided into 30 pieces: 6 presentation dishes, 6 dessert dishes, 6 small soup bowls, 6 large soup bowls and 6 bread dishes. The respective diameters of each piece are as follows: 27 cm, 24 cm, 22 cm, 27 cm and 16 cm.

Tableware that inspires luxury and spirituality

Luxury tableware

Luxury tableware

A yacht is a luxurious houseboat that takes you to the heart of the sea. If you are used to sailing for several days in your luxury vessel, it is important to create a serene environment inside it. The Sagano dinnerware collection from Pinto Paris brings serenity and kindness to your Pardo yacht table for successful family meals. The Sagano dinner service by Pinto Paris features beautiful green graphics of bamboo stems that symbolize strength and happiness.

The elegance of this service is evident in its delicate paintwork and light gold accents that inspire luxury in all its grandeur. This collection includes all the sets needed for desserts, dinners and buffets. You will also find coffee and tea cups accompanied by a creamer, a teapot and a sugar bowl. For the meticulous, the unique design of the pieces in this collection is suitable for everyday use or during a family gathering on board the yacht.

Tableware with precious metals

For the ultimate in luxury, tableware with precious metals is a must! Nymphéa offers a unique set of plates for yacht table decoration. Instead of gold, Nymphéa opts for two different colours, blue and green. These colours are present on the rim and edges of the plates and are evenly dispersed to create an elegant look.

The material used for this collection of decorative yacht tableware is porcelain. However, to make this service even more valuable, Nymphéa has chosen to give each piece a precious touch. Indeed, some valuable metals have been added to the plates during their finishing. Nymphéa Agora is another model in this collection which, unlike the previous one, is entirely coloured in blue and green. Whichever model you choose, we do not recommend using a dishwasher to clean this service in order to preserve the spinning of the plates.

Luxury white tableware

White porcelain tableware is unrivalled when it comes to tableware. In the collection of white tableware for decoration, we find:

  • The Craquelé Iceberg plates from Chrome Yellow;
  • The Hémisphère White Satin service by JL Coquet;
  • The Naxos plates by Bernardaud.

The Craquelé Iceberg presentation plates are a real masterpiece. A little hollow in the centre, the texture of these plates is inspired by iceberg cracks. Very luxurious, this model of plate can be used as an ornamental goal for yacht tables. However, be careful when washing them, you must keep a close eye on the temperature of the water and above all, avoid dishwashers, as they may damage the precious metal spinning of these plates.

The Hémisphère White Satin service by JL Coquet is a 100% French product. It is handmade in order to reproduce every detail. In contrast to the previous model, the Hémisphère White Satin service consists of presentation, dessert and bread plates, a bowl and a cup and saucer. The plates of this service are available in several diameters and shapes to meet all your decoration needs. There is no problem cleaning the Hemisphere White Satin service in the dishwasher.

The Naxos plates from Bernardaud are presented in 3D shapes. Very elegant, this service is the perfect cross between luxury and simplicity! Made of porcelain, the Naxos plates are available in 4 models. There is a soup plate, dessert plate, bread plate and dinner plate. Of course, to complete the service, you can opt for 38 cm rectangular cake dishes, a 1 L jug, a creamer, a 10 Cl cup and a 27 Cl mug. However, Naxos plates are very fragile, so be careful not to scratch them with an abrasive sponge.

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