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What do you need to know about Flyfish ?

Ever wondered what it was like to be able to ride on a magical carpet ? Imagine you and your friends lying down on a giant inflatable mattress. Imagine you and your friends flying at great speed through the air. The blue sky is overhead, the wind is rushing around you, and the waves are below you. Flyfish is the new frontier in exciting fishery !

What are Flyfish?

Flyfishing is the new water sport that is taking water sports enthusiasts across the globe by storm. You can sit or lie down on the rubber buoy. The rubber buoy is attached and pulled behind a speedboat. The rubber buoy’s unique aerodynamics give it the lift it needed to move along the water.

Adjusting the speed of a boat can allow you to hover just above water level and hop and bounce across the waves. At the same time, you can reach the top of the waves and fly above them, experiencing “flight”. The activity has been compared to a flying fish, hence the name.

Flyfish – An Adrenaline Sport

Flyfish is an adrenaline rush that gives you intense excitement and stimulation. Each “flight” is accompanied by staff members who can adjust speed to meet the needs and wishes of the group. It then adjusts buoy height.

The buoys will rise higher above the waves the faster the boat. Flyfish gives you the ability to control how fast and high you want to go. Just inform the staff. It is possible to get that adrenaline rush by riding at a slower, more cautious pace, and then increasing your speed every ride.

Flyfish Training

Anyone who participates in this watersport does not require any prior training. Every flight is accompanied at all times by an experienced staff member who will make sure you have an incredible experience as well as your safety. As each person is legally required for flotation devices, this activity is open to all ages. For stability on the buoy, you must have physical strength.

Flyfish, the latest water sport available for adrenaline junkies, is now available. Flyfish allows both children and adults to enjoy the sport together. Flyfishing is safe and secure. The equipment and experienced staff are reliable and provide a great experience for both beginners and experts.

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