What do you need to know about Flyfish ?

What do you need to know about Flyfish ?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a ride on a magic carpet ? Imagine for one moment that you and your friends are lying back on a giant inflatable mattress. Now imagine that you are all flying through the air, at speed! The blue sky is above you, the wind is rushing all around you and the waves are down below you. Welcome to the exciting world of Flyfish!

What is Flyfish ?

Flyfish is the new water sport that is capturing the imagination of water sports enthusiasts all around the world. You either lie down or sit on a rubber buoy that is then attached and towed along behind a speedboat. The unique aerodynamics of the rubber buoy provide the necessary lift that causes it to either fly or bounce along the water.

By making adjustments to the speed of the boat, it is possible that at one moment you can be just above the water level, hopping and bouncing over the waves or the next you can be soaring above the waves and experiencing ‘flight’. It has been likened to the activity of a flying fish, hence the name.

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Flyfish, an Adrenaline Sport

Flyfish gives you a sudden and intense physical feeling of excitement and stimulation as the adrenaline is pumped through your body from the amazing experience of flying over the waves. The member of staff who accompanies each ‘flight’ can adapt the speed to suit the wishes of the group. This, in turn, adjusts the height of the buoy.

The faster the boat, the higher the buoy will rise above the waves. Therefore, each time you participate in Flyfish, you are in control of how much speed and height you want to experience just by informing the staff member. In fact, by starting at a more sedate and cautious speed and then increasing the speed each time you have a ride, you can, in fact, get to experience that amazing adrenaline rush over and over again!

Flyfish Training

No previous training is required by anyone participating in this water sport. Each ‘flight’ is always accompanied by an experienced member of staff who ensures not only that you have an extraordinary experience but is also there to maintain your safety. This activity is open to all people of ages as well as non-swimmers, as each person is legally required to wear a flotation device. However, as in most water sports, some physical strength is required to maintain your stability on the buoy.

Flyfish is the latest water sport out there for the adrenaline junkie. Old and young alike can partake in Flyfish at the same time, thus giving a very unique opportunity to participate in a water sport as a family. Practiced in a safe and secure environment, with reliable equipment and experienced staff, it gives both the accomplished enthusiast and the novice thrill seeker an extraordinary and ‘uplifting’ experience.