Pardo Yachts

Pardo Yachts

Pardo Yachts leads the way against its competitors with its range of pleasure boats that aim at excellence. The main models offered by the brand can be seen on the docks and off the coast of Saint Tropez. Find out more about Pardo Yachts.

What are the origins of the Pardo Yachts boat brand?

Looking at its success, it is quite hard to believe that the yacht brand is relatively new. Indeed, Pardo Yachts has only been around since 2016. However, it has inherited the know-how of the Italian shipyard Cantiere del Pardo to which it belongs.

Yachting is already associated with luxury. However, the shipyard chooses to collaborate with Zuccheri Yacht Design to make its boats stand out more.

What are the specifics of Pardo’s high-end boats?

Each yacht designed by this prestigious brand allows you to sail the Mediterranean Sea in a spacious cocoon where elegance reigns supreme. Uncompromising performance is combined with refined design to ensure your serenity throughout your sea trip from Saint-Tropez.

The expertise that the Cantiere del Pardo shipyard has been refining for more than 50 years is put at the service of an environmentally friendly design. These high-end yachts are handcrafted. Excellence and attention to detail are evident in both the overall design and the finishing touches. Add to this the fact that the materials used are carefully selected, the objective being to offer a harmonious combination that systematically emphasizes luxury.

Presentation of the main yachts of the Italian shipyard

pardo 43

The Pardo 38

11.90 meters long, the Pardo 38 has 2 cabins: one double and one twin. It is a yacht that can embark up to 12 passengers from the port who will enjoy sailing at a cruising speed of 30 knots. Depending on the engine, this speed can be increased to a maximum of 50 knots. The interior design emphasizes space and comfort as evidenced by the sumptuous bathroom equipped with a shower, toilet and sink.

The Pardo 43

This boat is designed to carry up to 12 passengers on the Mediterranean. Belonging to the walkaround segment, it is distinguished by its extremely refined design. The 13.45 meters are skilfully exploited to allow you to enjoy 2 spacious sundecks. The 2 cabins are equipped with 4 berths. On the bathroom side, the shower is separate. This yacht is designed to sail at a maximum speed of 35 to 40 knots depending on the chosen motorization.

The Pardo 50

The Pardo 50 is a flybridge yacht with a remarkable length of 15.20 meters. It has been designed to accommodate up to 11 people from Saint-Tropez. The interior is both spacious and bright. It is laid out so that you can invite friends and family to spend the night in the twin room while you enjoy a double cabin. A dedicated crew area is also integrated, with access from the outside.

The Pardo 60

This is the largest pleasure boat offered by Pardo Yachts, reaching a length of 18 meters with a capacity of 12 passengers. The speed of 12 knots (which can be increased to 25 knots) is combined with a range of 800 nautical miles. You therefore have multiple perspectives to savor your sea escapade off Saint-Tropez. Open floating decks, electric bimini that works with Bluetooth, retractable windows… The brand has spared no expense to revolutionize yachting.

Buy or rent a Pardo Yachts boat

Renting a luxury yacht is an excellent option if you plan to sail occasionally. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a different yacht to suit your needs: a dockside party on the Pardo Endurance 60, a romantic getaway on the Pardo 38, a family cruise on the Pardo 50… The only rule is to select your boat according to your expectations. This naturally includes the activities you can do, but also your budget.

Buying a boat is the best way to guarantee yourself the complete freedom to sail the Mediterranean at will. However, it is essential to choose the perfect model according to your habits and desires. If you are one of those who prefer quiet getaways with your partner or family, make your choice accordingly. If you’re planning to share your yacht’s prestige with friends, choose from the more spacious ranges.

marque pardo yachts

If you want to buy a boat, Pardo Yachts is only available on order. Suncap offers the possibility to customize the boat of your choice from the Pardo range. This yachting specialist is the exclusive dealer of Pardo Yachts in Saint Tropez.

In any case, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from a team of professionals to ensure that your needs are consistent with the Pardo boat you choose.

Yachting in Saint-Tropez takes on an ultra high-end dimension thanks to the boats designed and fitted out by the Italian brand Pardo Yachts. The offers are perfectly adaptable to your desires so that you can enjoy luxury and comfort in a serene atmosphere.

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