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What does the law mean about reflective stickers for motorcycle helmets?

Reflective stickers on motorcycle helmets are not an accessory, indeed, they are required by law. However, you are allowed to be creative with it.

What does the law mean about reflective stickers for motorcycle helmets?

It is required to use a helmet according to Article R431-1 in the French Highway Code. The ECE 22-05 standard approved concerns are all motorized two-wheeler riders. In the 1995 regulation’s criteria, a reflective helmet sticker was required. The regulation stipulates that the stickers must remain attached so they can’t be removed from the helmet without causing damage, regardless of whether it is full-face, modular, or jet.

The stickers should be adhered to the sides, the back, and the front of the helmet at the same level as the forehead (or chin). You must adhere to certain dimensions, such as. For a rectangle-shaped sticker, a minimum 20mm width is required. A circle-shaped sticker must have a minimum 40mm diameter. Every sticker should cover at least 18cm2. This obligation is in order to make identification easier. Indeed, motorcyclists are more likely to be seen in dim light. It refers to optimizing road safety.


Yong woman on a motorcycle

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Are you looking for reflective stickers that are beautiful?

There are no regulations that specify which colors can be used. This is up to each person. You can choose whatever color you like. Stickers Stickers that conform to regulatory dimensions and reflect white light are allowed. The effigy or name of the motorcycle manufacturer can be used on models. You also have the option to add skulls and the names of singers. You can customize your helmet by visiting a shop that sells stickers.


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