Visit Monaco with a private cruise ship tour

Visit Monaco with a private cruise ship tour

The Principality of Monaco is amongst the most stunning Mediterranean destinations in the planet. When you travel to Monaco by a cruise ship, you understand why this region is regarded as one of the most popular destinations in the world. Taking a private cruise ship tours of Monte carlo is the best way to enjoy the views and the overall experience of what this sparkling region has to offer.

From the vantage point of the sea, you get to see the beautiful waterfront with the soaring skyscrapers in the background presenting a breathtaking view.
You can treat yourself to an amazing cruise ship tour to Monaco where your personal cruise navigator will take you on a scenic and breathtaking journey along the famous French Riviera. Here you get to explore the picturesque coastal cities like Menton and Beaulieu and the beautiful sandy beaches.

A private cruise ship tour to Monaco makes you feel like a celebrity as you cruise past the villas of some of the wealthiest people. The cruise ships on offer are specifically designed for sightseeing and if you’re arrive at the right season: you can catch a glimpse of the Monaco Grand Prix from the comfort of your cruise ship (learn more about this event here).

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  1. I went to the Monaco Grand Prix last year, it was great, i’ll go this year again with great pleasure !